We do carry several self tanners that compliment and work well with our Airbrush Spay Tanning solution. these can be used to touch up facial color, and can be used in between sessions to touch up faded areas, or self tan while you are away.

After Tan Care

Eye Catcher Tanning and Spay tanning spa has been servicing the Thornwood, NY area for over 10 years. We are an easy visit from White Plains, Mt Kisco, Armonk, Chappaqua, Bedford, Pleasantville, and the surrounding Westchester county area.

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Now You Can Get Immediate Results And Have A Great Tan in less Than 30 Minutes.

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For proper development of the color, you must stay totally dry for a minimum of six hours, and we recommend 8 hours. This includes no perfume, no profuse sweating, no washing hands, and using a cup to rinse your mouth after brushing teeth opposed to cupping water with your hands. Instead of washing your hands with soap and water, we recommend using wet wipes or sanitizing jell on your palms only. During the 6-8 hrs of development after your airbrush spray tan, do not apply any moisturizers, perfume or calone, and no liquid based lotions. Powders are fine to apply and can help areas of perspiration to stay dry.

Airbrush Spray Tanning Is A Great Option That Provides Immediate Results.

For the first tan after your Airbrush Spray Tan it is best to use only water on most of your body, and use soap on only the necessary areas. Best results are achieved if subsequent showers are with a very mild body wash, and either just the hand or a very soft washcloth is the washing tool. We carry a soap free body wash that can help preserve your color for the longest term possible. Ask a representative to inform you of choices available. Avoid alpha hydroxy's and benzoil peroxides as they will strip color, and do not use mesh sponges or loofahs until you are ready to remove all remaining color. Loofah exfoliation will be necessary at the end of the life of the tan, about 7-10 days, as all self tanners can exfoliate at diffident rates and different parts of the body, giving a slightly scaly appearance on drier areas.


 We utilize only Superior Grade Tanning Spray solutions assuring you the very best spray tan.
If you are looking for a Quick and great looking tan then Spray Tanning is the option for you.

It's Easy to Get a Spray Tan
Here are some helpful hints to help you get the best results from your spray tan.

Guaranteed Not To Turn your Skin Yellow or Orange


Longest results are achieved using natural moisturizers that do not contain oil or petrolatum. We carry a large selection of moisturizers, and have a moisturizing product that also contains a small amount of self tanner to maximize and refresh your color at home.

Spray Tanning

At Home Touch-Ups

In less than 30 Min you will have a great tan that will last all week long.

For best results shave, shower and exfoliate the day of your airbrush Spray Tanning. We carry a variety of fantastic exfoliators for best results. DO NOT apply lotions, makeup, or deodorant the day of your appointment as these can block the pores and not allow the solution to work properly. 

Call Eye Catcher Tanning and Spray Tanning Spa at 914-747-8004 and schedule your spray tan appointment. Walk in's are also welcome so stop in at 855 Franklin Ave. Thornwood NY. 

Showering Instructions